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Auper Motorcycles

C600 Electric Motorcycle

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4.2 s

0-100 KM/H

160 km


30 min


37 L


For life on two wheels.

Electric motorcycles that set a new standard for safety, security and connectivity.


ABS standard. Traction-control built in. Adaptive rider display, smart lighting, and navigation with haptic feedback.


Advanced anti-theft encryption makes it virtually impossible to operate or sell a stolen vehicle or parts.


37 litres of on-board storage for a helmet, groceries and deliveries.

Years ahead.

Auper's C600 brings together a unique combination of hardware and software developed for people who live and work on motorcycles. Designed from the ground up, the C600 is optimized for performance, reliability, and connectivity you can count on every day.

Vehicle Control

Centralized Intelligence

Integrated, connected, and intelligent. The centralized Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is a powerful all-in-one brain that manages everything from ride performance to vehicle health.

Ride Modes

Optimized performance for different riding styles and situations.

Advanced Safety

Precise, real-time traction & stability control along with ABS.

Power Management

Dynamically tunes battery performance to optimize power for every type of ride.

Drive System

Unique Electric Powertain

A more sustainable and efficient way to go to work, play, or explore. Better reliability, improved efficiency and peak performance across a larger range of operating conditions.

Magnet-Free Motor

95% of the world's electric motors use permanent magnets, costly materials that are often mined in environmentally-irresponsible methods. Designed in partnership with Enedym, Auper's vehicles are built on a powerful permanent magnet-free electric motor.

Fast Charging

Easy charging using a standard home power outlet, or a universally standard charging plug. 30 min to 80% on a level 2 charger.

Low Maintenance

Fewer moving parts, virtually no fluids, and robust, simple construction will keep you on the road and out of the shop.

Vehicle App

Powerful Connectivity

A suite of useful tools to ensure your
bike is ready to go whenever and
wherever you need it.

Remote Security

Always know your bike is secure with real-time monitoring, encrypted operation and tampering detection.

GPS Navigation

Turn-by-turn guidance for the most efficient and fast route to your destination - or the nearest charging station.

Over-the-air Updates

Firmware and software updates efficiently delivered to wherever you and your bike are.

C600 Specifications

Standard Model

Peak Wheel Torque: 388 Nm (286 FT-LB)

0 to 100km/h: 7s

Range: 100km

Long Range Model

Peak Wheel Torque: 485 Nm (357 FT-LB)

0 to 100km/h: 4.2s

Range: 160km


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