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Motorcycle riders deserve better.

Auper's story begins with 12-year old boy learning how to walk again after a car accident in Brazil.

Years later, Silvio Rotilli Filho, like many Brazilians, would rely on a motorcycle for transport. Accidents, poor performance, and bike thefts would become an unfortunate way of life, and while he watched cars evolve to prevent the type of accidents and losses he suffered over the years, it seemed motorcycles were stuck in time. After earning an engineering PhD and leading teams at the forefront of automotive technology, Silvio decided it was time to do something about it.

Auper was founded on the belief that riders in developing countries deserve better. Auper exists to advance these two-wheeled workhorses with advanced safety, clean technology, and better security. Our mission is to improve life for motorcycle riders while making these essential vehicles attractive and affordable to more people.


We are an international team with deep technical roots. Our global experiences highlight the range of disciplines, perspectives, and backgrounds that it takes to bring great vehicles to reality.

Silvio Rotilli Filho, PhD

CEO, Cofounder
Motorcycle Rider In-Chief
Brazil + Canada

Alan Callegaro, PhD

CTO, Cofounder
Hardware + Electronics Magician
Brazil + Canada

David Ofori-Amoah

CDO, Cofounder
Design Renaissance Man
Ghana + USA


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